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Indonesian Fried Rice (nasi Goreng)

Nasi Goreng is a staple in our home. My hubby’s maternal side of the family are dutch…however they spent a good deal of time in Indonesia. I have learned many wonderful recipes resep nasi goreng rumahan that are Dutch/Indonesian. This particular one we make a little different. We use leftover (cold) rice from a previous meal and saute in bacon grease. We then add in chopped green onion regular onion spam cut up (or bacon if we have some cooked) and enough soy sauce to coat the rice nicely. You could very easily use any meat of your choosing. We also add in scrambled eggs. Very simple and a very good way to use up leftover rice. Just make sure your using COLD rice! Enjoy!!

This is a great recipe! I lived in Indonesia and its very authentic. I omitted the leeks but added frozen (cooked) green peas and a grated carrot for color and white pepper and salt to taste. Then served with cilantro sprinkled on top. Wonderful!!

I made it with no meat as a side and it was great. I didn’t have chile peppers so I used some red and green bell peppers. Also only used 2 eggs.

I thought this recipe was very good. A Dutch coworker of mine recommended that I cook the onions in bacon grease first and I’m so glad I did! The flavor was wonderful. I added some musherooms that I had on hand and chile paste. I didn’t have any shrimp so I just used a full pound of chicken. I also didn’t have a leek so I added green onion. Everything else I kept the same. I can’t wait to make this again.

We omitted the prawns resep nasi goreng rumahan & used more chicken. Using regular soy sauce made it so salty so we just doubled the rice. Leeks are SO good for you and milder than onions so we added an extra due to a small onion. The coriander & cumin made great flavor that sits on your tongue! My kids loved it but appreciated minced veggies. Will add a red pepper for cool color next time.

This was very good. I had to use regular light soy sauce didn’t have the sweet. I also added a little fish sauce since I have seen other recipes that did and our family is a fan of it. Rest of the recipe I followed exact and everyone enjoyed it. Thnx.

Very tasty. Added some veggies in.

Iya this recipe is enak! Only I didn’t have any cumin but next time okay lah. Also I used the fancy molasses to mix with my soy sauce to make the perfect Kecup Manis. For the shrimp I only had the dried ones from the Chinese market but I boiled for ten minutes to make soft. The leftover rice from the night before was already in the fridge but after it had let off a little steam. I think it was splendid except my Indonesian wife suggested we should have some terasi. Well we will have to make a trip to Calgary to find that. num num

I grew up on Nasi and my mom always bought the seasoning packet from the local Dutch shop so I was very happy to find this recipe. I made it the other day and it was AMAZING!!! I made a few changes; I used coconut oil instead of cooking spray and sumbal instead if the chillies and I did not make my rice ahead of time just rinced it in cold water in a colander. I also used Braggs Soy Dressing as I didn’t have Indonesian Ketjap and it all turned out great!!! Tasted even better than the pre-packaged seasoning mix!!

As a base recipe this is good but you can sub out any of the veggies or meat.

Indonesian Fried Rice (Nasi Goreng)

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Indonesian Fried Rice (Nasi Goreng)

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Indonesian Fried Rice (Nasi Goreng)

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