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Besame Cake Mascara Review 2021

Besame Cake Mascara Review. 2 years for besame’s product. A revival of a twentieth century beauty staple, our cake mascara is an instant time machine that transports you to.

besame cake mascara review
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All opinions are my own. As someone who loves besame’s lipsticks, i was excited to try their version of cake mascara.

1920s Cake Mascara Besame Cosmetics Mascara Makeup

At first this cake mascara was a little weird and hard to work with, but after a couple of tries i have fallen in love with it! Because cake mascara doesn’t have to be kept as a paste in a tube, it doesn’t.

Besame Cake Mascara Review

Bésame cosmetics black cake mascara $25.Bésame cosmetics is a luxury vintage makeup brand which honors the style, spirit, & sensibility of female beauty.Bésame is cruelty free, but not vegan.Especially made for sensitive eyes, bésame’s cake mascara is the cleanest form of mascara on the market.

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for besame:For those who lust after the glamour and beauty of a time gone by, this brand allows you to.I actually never used it with water!I am old enough to remember when cake mascara was widely available and i knew how to use it.

I applied it dry and truly it was brilliant as it was one of the few eyeliners i was able to apply perfectly!I have a really intense fascination with cosmetics from the early 1900s and beyond.I love that this mascara is so layerable.I love the color and the easy application.

I love to use cake mascara as eyeliner, and i especially like.I think it’s because many of the contemporary products we have today got their start around this time period.I was so excited to try it!If i correctly recall, the original besame cake mascara was in a little plastic package, more reminiscent of the original ones of the 30’s.

It beautifies lashes and brows so that they appear longer, darker, and more luxurious.It comes in a palette, you use water to activate it.It houses a thin strip of creamy brown mascara that can be used on lashes, eyebrows, and eyelids.It is so beautifully designed, looks like it will last forever and comes in a tin.

It looks like nothing you’ve ever seen (or used) before.It’s a very dark purple ( almost black) and i can still use it on my brows ( i have my hair colored in a black cherry color).On 9 jun 2021 review stating i love the color and.One of the brand’s biggest surprise hits has been its cake mascara (which, in addition to black, also comes in brown and purple).

Perfect for using as an eyeliner and to fill in brows, cake mascara will leave you with vintage screen siren lashes.Personally, i don’t remember cake mascara myself but i do remember having a cake eyeliner which i absolutely adored.Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.Review | bésame cosmetics cake mascara & eyeliner a little something different today on the blog!

Since during the pandemic, i am not wearing makeup as frequently, i looked for cake mascara because it has a much longer shelf life than the usual tube of mascara.So i was excited to receive the item that was highest on my besamé wish list:That made more sense than my using a tube of mascara maybe once a week and feeling like it should be discarded.That’s why i was very excited to try besame cake mascara.

The best new mascara features one huge difference to all its mainstream counterparts:The block of cake mascara also dries quickly after use as well and that means that it doesn’t stay moist, once again preventing bacteria from growing.The cake mascara contains beeswax.The cake mascara retails for $25 for 11 g of product (2.27$/g) on the bésame’s website, which ships internationally.

The cake mascara was kindly provided to me by bésame cosmetics for free to try.The design of the tin harks back to 1920s and 30s style beauty packaging with a striking red as the main colour and.The packaging of bésame’s cake mascara in black ($25) is inspired by this old maybelline masacara.There’s something rather special about being in possession of a product this glamorous yet unassuming.

This $7 mascara will change your lashes — and your life keywords besame cosmetics cake mascara best mascara the young person’s guide to conquering (and saving) the world.This a review of besame’s square cake mascara packaged in a square metal tin.This is especially so with products from the 1920s.This isn’t one of those ‘hurry up and get out the door’ beauty products, because you do need to mix the cake with water, but it is great for days you can play around with your makeup.

This mascara is wonderful, yet is often misunderstood.Unlike ordinary wand mascara, cake mascara can be.We’re all more than familiar with the treasures of boots & space nk, so when i first heard about the brand besame cosemetics;You can use it for eyeliner, mascara, and brow liner.